This will take place on Wednesday 10 May 2017 at the Angel Centre, Tonbridge starting at 8.00pm

South Eastern Area Newsletter

The SEBMFA welcomes Norman Carter, Felbridge Flyers Club, as the new Editor of the Area Newsletter.

Download the January Issue 2017

Content includes :

Please forward any material you would like to see published to Norman at

South East Area Facebook page

Area Chairman, Stuart Willis has set up a BMFA South East Area Facebook page, no Facebook account necessary to view.

RC Flying at Long Man

This site, run by East Sussex Soaring Association (ESSA), is open to all BMFA members. It is important to be aware of these flying & conduct rules.

Southern Area BMFA Website

Check out for all the flying news from our next door neighbour. There are 64 clubs and associations based in and around the counties of Hampshire, Berkshire and Dorset affiliated to the BMFA through the Southern Area.

SEBMFA Crawley K2 FF Indoor Meeting 2017

The SEBMFA Crawley Free Flight Indoor Meeting takes place on Sunday 5 February at the K2 Leisure Centre.

There will be the usual mix of fun and competition flying from 11am to 5.30pm in this large venue.

There are comps for 12 inch Catapult Glider, HLG, Peanut Scale, Open Scale, EZB, Living Room Stick, Gyminnie Cricket, Legal Eagle, plus the Butterfly and Hangar Rat mass launches.

The "Legal Eagle" has proven popular with 14 entries last year, so if you want to get involved, see the downloadable plans and information on the Legal Eagle page

Also rubber powered, the Gyminnie Cricket is a proven beginners model that has a fine performance. The BMFA Indoor webpage contains the plan,building & flying info for a Gyminnie Cricket .

For those wanting a HLG/catapult glider model to fly check out the AMA Glider website which provides plans including a simple starter model called appropriately Simple Simon.

For those wanting to take part in the popular Butterfly and Hangar Rat mass launches, models can be obtained from Flitehook in kit or ready built form.

Contact organiser John Dart on 01293 420830 or email for more info.

See last year's Crawley Indoor 2016 competition results

Free Flight on Ashdown Forest

The SEBMFA runs eight free-flight meetings on Ashdown Forest which allows flyers to compete locally, in the RAFA Shield, and nationally in the BMFA Area centralised contests.

Licence to fly on Ashdown Forest

Firstly, a bit of background information; the Forest is not public land, such as park or open space would be, and the rules for such are not the same. The Ashdown Forest Conservators were set up by an act of parliament and given powers to run and protect the Forest. The only right the public have is to walk on the forest; all other activities are controlled and governed by Licences granted by the Committee that run the Conservators. The BMFA and its membership have licence to fly on the Forest under strict locations, dates and times.

See Ashdown Licence 2016

Click map to enlarge

Summary of Licence

Model Types: Free Fight and Radio Controlled Gliders, powered and unpowered.

Flying Locations: Old Lodge Valley area bounded by Old Lodge Boundary; and Duddleswell/Nutley Road, Old Lodge Drive, B2026 and Friends Clump.

Flying Dates and Times:

Each year we negotiate a number of competition dates that enable us to fly from 8:30am to sunset, and do not clash with other events on the Forest, for example, equine events. The 2016 dates are Sundays: 14 February, 6 March, 10 April, 15 May, 26 June, 24 July, 11 September and 16 October. So the use of Helicopters and Multi-Rotor, 3D models, Gas Turbines, etc. do not fall within the scope of our licence and therefore cannot be flown at all and will be enforced by the Forest Rangers.

Invitation to Fly

The East Sussex Soaring Association would like to invite BMFA members in the South East to take part in their club competitions. These competitions run from March until November. Details are on the website

These competitions on the slope are essentially club events and are intended to encourage flyers with a wide range of abilities to compete. The motto is “if you can fly and have something that flies you can compete.”

If you would like to take part contact one of the committee members (see contacts on website). Although this is not strictly essential it may be useful if lots of potential competitors turn up.

You may get hooked and then you should consider joining ESSA so you can take part in the years points competition.