SE Area Free Flight Competitions


The BMFA runs Area Centralised Meetings that allow flyers to compete against each other nationally, even though they fly from different venues across the country. The South-East venue is Ashdown Forest.

Ashdown Flying Area Map
This map shows where the SE BMFA hold the Area Meetings.

The shaded green area is where we are allowed to fly our models as laid down in the Ashdown Licence 2016

I have marked the car parks generally used depending on the wind direction. However, the actual launch point, marked by a X, may require a short walk onto the forest.

Flyers must carry their BMFA membership cards with them at all times and produced if requested by a Forest Ranger.

Remember, Ashdown Forest is a popular place for walking and horse riding, so the utmost care must be given to safety precautions when flying. Any accident or complaint could see the Licence revoked.

The area marked as Nature reserve is out of bounds.


1st 19 February F1A F1G CP E36 Mini Vin -
2nd 5 March F1H P30 F1J 1/2A CE HLG-CLG
3rd 26 March Vin G CR F1C F1Q HLG-CLG Combined Power
4th 14 May CG F1B CP Team Vin R/P Mini Vin E30
5th 25 June F1H F1G F1J E36 1/2A CO2
6th 16 July F1A P30 Vin R/P F1Q SLOP Tailless
7th 17 Sept Classic G CR Team F1C CE Classic R/P HLG-CLC
8th 15 October CG Team F1B SLOP F1G Mini Vin E30

The Scoring System

All flyers get RAFA points, as long as they have recorded a score. A clubs RAFA total is the aggregate score of their members points. RAFA points are calculated by converting a flyers time to a percentage of the maximum total, allowing times to be compared across all classes. The RAFA points are in reverse order to the flyers position in the combined rankings. eg if there are 9 entries, the winner will be awarded 9 points, second place will get 8 points and so on until the last place gets 1.

Additional RAFA points will be given for fly-off times. For rubber and power 1 point for each minute, for glider 2 points for each minute.

In all classes (except HLG-CLG) the FIRST 3 flights are used to calculate the RAFA total. For HLG-CLG the FIRST 5 flights are used.

RAFA Individual
An award is made to the top three flyers in each of the glider, rubber and power disciplines. CO2 and electric are included in the power category. These are based on the RAFA comps. A flyer’s best five contest scores in one discipline gives his RAFA Individual total. Fly-offs are not included.
The Riggs Trophy
This is awarded to the flyer with the most RAFA points who has not received a trophy in any of the other classes.
BMFA SE Area Champion
This is awarded to the flyer scoring the highest aggregate of his best five BMFA totals across all three disciplines.
The Nordic Shield
The winner of FAI glider at the 6th Area Meeting is presented with the Nordic Shield at the Prize-Giving.