Sopwith Pup

The Sopwith Pup of Don Coe - winner of the Towner Trophy

Bob Hart's YAK-11

Bob Hart's YAK-11


Keith Miller reports on the fixed wing and helicopter event at the Bickley club field on July 2

Held in the middle of a searingly hot heat wave, which, coupled with intense traffic delays due to a nearby Brands Hatch event and local craft fair, possibly put many people off from attending as entries were only a few up on last year's event held in October.
In particular, helicopter entries were very low, resulting in one man, Bob Cook of the Eynsford HMC scooping all three heli prizes, including the magnificent Len Mount Trophy with his Bell 47G.
In fixed wing there was some really stunning models and with judging as usual by the pilots themselves, Don Coe and his Sopwith Pup proved a worthy winner of the Towner Trophy


Towner Trophy (Fixed wing)
Don Coe Sopwith Pup
Bob Hart Yak-11
Richard Ginger Morane Saulnier A1
Len Mount Helicopter Trophy
Bob Cook Bell 47G

We would like to express the grateful thanks of the South East Area Committee to the Bickley Club for their hospitality, use of their equipment and assistance in running the event.

List of entrants Club Model
Richard Ginger Thanet MFC Morane Saulnier
Rick Stevens Hastings MFC Douglas Sky Raider
Bob Hart Wealden MAS Yak-11
Dave O'Brien Leatherhead MFC Tiger Moth
Lee O'Brien Leatherhead MFC Chipmonk
Mike Austin Leatherhead MFC Turcano
Don Coe Croydon Airport MFC Sopwith Pup
Don Roe Croydon Airport MFC Stampe
Bob Ryan Bickley MFC L-39 Albatross
Gregg Veasley Bickley MFC P-47 thunderbolt
John Veasley Bickley MFC Spitfire
John Veasley Bickley MFC Mustang
Mick Smith Croydon MFC Tempest
John Pendry Croydon MFC Cessna 0-2
Colin Agate Croydon MFC Miles Falcon
Roger Godly Croydon MFC Spitfire
Colin McGinn Thanet MFC Christen Eagle
Colin McGinn Thanet MFC ? Helicopter
Bob Cook Eynsford MHC Huey Cobra
Bob Cook Eynsford MHC Bell 47G
Bob Cook Eynsford MHC Standard Huey H1-B
Tony Sisley Barton Point MFC Agusta 109
Denis Stretton Anglia MFC Pegasus BK117
John Hutson Epsom RFC Hughes



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